High-Quality equipment is what matters the most for the game

Using innovative technology we provide you with the highest quality products inspired by Squid Game characters.

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Squid Equip’s story

After the explosion of the Squid Game series, we decided to provide you with high-quality products inspired by the characters.

The Squid Game equipment is made of high-quality and durable materials that can be a great and elegant gift for your family members or friends who are fans of the Squid Game series.

Squid Game Equipment is perfect wear for Halloween, costume balls, masquerades, dress balls, carnivals, theme parties, etc.

Not only do we provide you with these products, but also with great service, which includes free shipping and return of packages in case anything happens.

Only Sustainable Materials

Quality Over Quantity

Get your own Squid Game costume and stand out in front of your friends and others’ costumes.

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